“I’m a Helicopter Mom and I Hate It” by Rowena Luna

“Becoming a mom when her friends are still single..” By Rheema R. Meno

“Story of a Magical Journey” By Saba Saqlain

“Stay-at-home working mums” by Sidra Zaidi

“Days of a Not-so-perfect Mom” By Cheila Perez

“A Blessing from heaven” by Nimmi Nair

“A Mom’s Resume” By Maria Derosario

“Living Abroad: Maintaining Kids’ Ties to Home Country” by Rasha Zahr

“A Surprising Way to Get My Toddler Behave in the Car Seat” by Ayu Tanimoto

“.. the positive ways in which I have viewed returning to work” by Abbey Michelle

The importance of retirement planning and how to secure your future with Guardian Wealth Management.

Best spots in Dubai for KIDDOZ and mommies by Noha Ayaso

“I Wish My Child Was More Like Yours” By Abbey Michelle

“bringing me back to the moment” by Noha Ayaso

A mother, a friend and a true caregiver decided to write an open letter to her beloved son. Read along and find out how much you can relate to.

It is not to scare future parents, just more of a heads-up that this is what you can expect. “Things I Wish I’d Known Before Becoming A Mum” by Abbey Michelle


Top 6 Tips for Travelling withOUT your KIDDOZ by Noha Ayaso

It’s amazing what you can find from the comfort of your own home through social media platforms. Take a look at these Insta-finds by Noha Ayaso

For all of us already exhausted mommies, here are some health tips to stay fit and to enjoy the festive and holiday season.

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