15 amazing and mind-blowing facts about mothers


Without us mothers, nations and populations on earth would not exist, literally 🙂

Through our amazing bodies, we are the ones who physically give life to human beings. That tiny little adorable creature you have (aka your baby) was materially developed inside of you/ because of you.

Our powerful body is the suitable environment for people to be created, and medical developments nowadays, with all its advancements, can hardly mimic that perfect baby-development atmosphere. Let this sink in for a moment…

Here are 15 astonishing and mind-blowing facts about mothers to enlighten your day:


  1. What you eat during pregnancy can affect your baby’s weight for life


  1. The probability to be pregnant with a twin is 1 in 33 women, and 1 in 539 women can have triplets or other multiple births


  1. Your brain grows physically during pregnancy and after delivery


  1. A pregnant woman’s brain receives cells from the fetus, and a baby’s DNA can show inside the mother’s brain; both exchange cells through their connection with the placenta


  1. A mother’s heart enlarges during pregnancy, and it starts beating harder in order to pump more blood into her carrying body


  1. The smell of newborn babies excites mothers very much. It is like a drug addict getting a fix, and it makes the mother feel more protective and in control


  1. Your motherly smell is recognised by your baby within few meters, and this alone can stop them crying in few seconds


  1. The baby’s heartbeat is synchronised with the mother’s and father’s heartbeat when they approach the baby


  1. Your start teaching your kid his first words when he is in your womb


  1. Breastfeeding allows your body to create medicine for you and your baby in real time – during the breastfeeding process


  1. A pregnant woman’s feet can grow an entire shoe size


  1. The mother’s voice represents comfort to newborns, and can calm them down in no time


  1. The uterus size of a pregnant woman is 500 times bigger than the usual. The normal uterus size is like a peach fruit, and a pregnant woman’s uterus is the size of a watermelon!


  1. During breastfeeding, a mother can literally feel when her baby is hungry like a sixth sense, and not only because her breasts are full of milk


  2. Scientists believe that the hormones that flood the brain during pregnancy can lead to permanent alterations in mothers, similar to the way teenage hormones contribute to adolescent brain development




To all of you beautiful mamas out there, wherever you are, be proud of how much beautiful, strong, unique and exceptional you are. You are in control and the entire world is proud of you ♥