20+ easy Halloween decoration at home


Halloween is the best time for home decoration. Wither you are throwing a Halloween party, or just having fun with your own family, it is always a great time of the year to add a bit of a fun spook to your home.

But why spend a fortune when you can make everything on your own?

Both mom and dad, along with the kids, can have so much fun creating amazing arts and shapes together for this fun occasion. There is so much that you can do, and without having to spend an arm and a leg!

We have looked round and gathered some of the easiest and exciting Halloween decorations. Check out these super easy DIY ideas:


Door decoration

1. Door decoration:

Your door can look as spooky and fun as the inside. Cut out some cardboard paper in the shape of angry or spooky eyes along with the rest of the face. Get your kids to help you stick them on the outside door, and watch all your neighbours stand at your door and smile.



Hanging sign

2. Happy Halloween hanging sign

Create your own ‘Happy Halloween’ sign but cutting out the shape or colour you desire. All you need is a hard paper (coloured or white), marker and a hanging rope. You can cut out any shape you like and even write the message you prefer like: “B.O.O.O”, “S.P.O.O.K.Y” or even your children’s names.



Leafy mini ghosts

3. Leafy mini ghosts

You can either have your kids collect the leaf from outside and spray it with white, or cut hard type of white paper into leaf shapes, and simply add the ghostly face dots to the top of the leaf. You can fill your hallway with these mini ghosts or even stick them on the wall or in a corner.



Monsters figurines

4. Little monsters’ figurines:

Have fun with your kids while creating these cute mini shapes. The options are wide, and you can either use liquid glue combined with paper, old clothes, paper cups, knitting ropes or bandages… yes you read that right, some old first-aid bandages! Shape up the material, add a face figure, and accessorise it with hats or horns!



Table shoes

5. Table shoes

This one is hilarious.

Get your table to wear high heels and let it celebrate Halloween with you in style! You can directly wrap it with coloured paper and add a witchy shaped cut out heel for the end of the shoes. Add some shoe lace or spray it with glitter. Sky is your limit.


Canned candles

6. Canned candles

Live the ‘spookiness’ with those super easy Halloween candles. All you need is old jar, orange paint and a candle. Start with painting your jar with orange and draw any face shape you like. Let it dry over-night. Next all you need to do is light a candle and place it inside the jar. These will be super cute at night and your kids will love the different smily faces.

PS: don’t close the jar lid when in use as it will make the candle light off!


Smiling gallons

7. Smiling gallons

If you happen to use milk or juice gallons, you can recycle them and use them as Halloween candles. You would need to cut a hole in the bottom of the gallon to place the candles under it.




Stones and candle

8. Stones around fire

Another simple and fun candle idea. Have your kids collect a bunch of similarly shaped stones, give them faces (colour or stickers of eyes), and have them sit around camp fire (candle). Easy-peasy.



Wall of bats

9. Wall of bats

This is an extremely easy wall decoration idea. All you need is black paper and a scissor, and cut as many as you want of those bat shapes wall decorations. They will definitely add a great look to the Halloween spirit.




Side ghostly table

10. Side ghostly table

Image source is curtesy of shown signatory.

If you have a side table, why not make it a ghost of candy? You can either colour the black circles on the cloth, stick black paper or even sew black circled cloth.



Pumpkin decoration

11. Pumpkin decoration

No Halloween is complete without its pumpkin!

Check out these pumpkin decoration ideas that you can easily do with your kids. Away from pumpkin engraving and mess, you can have your kids draw or stick any shape on the pumpkin directly.



Kids crafts

12. Kids crafts

Your kids will enjoy creating all sorts of Halloween crafts. Their work can then be used to decorate the hallway, kitchen or their own rooms. Gram some paper, colours and safe-glue and let the fun begin.



Balloon drawings

13. Balloon faces

Get white and orange balloons along with black marker to make different flying characters. You don’t need helium filled balloons to make them fly; simply stick them on the wall or have them dangle from the ceiling with a rope – as simple as that.



Cardboard spiders

14. Cardboard box spiders

Cute little spiders can be easily created out of cardboard boxes. Spray or colour them with black, add a smiling face with white paint, and use pipe cleaners or even cotton buds to create legs. You can either hang those cuties or have them stand alone on a table or on the floor.




15. Halloween treats

The list is endless when it comes to yummy Halloween treats. You can find a lot of ideas to decorate or create new ones from scratch. Her we have chosen some of the cute ones.


Apple dips

a) Apple Dips on stick

Heat melt any sauce of your desire, add a stick to your apples, and dip them down in the sauce until well covered. Leave them to dry aside, and add face shapes to each. You can use food colouring liquids to add any colour like orange.



Halloween oranges

b) Halloween oranges

This is very easy to create and can be used as decoration or on the food table. All you need is oranges and a black marker, and let your kids’ imagination go wile with the different silly and funny faces they can create.



Halloween monsters apples

c) Fruity monsters

You can create little monsters’ faces using any kind of fruit. Here you see a slice of apple that was emptied a little bit from the inside, a strawberry slice is placed to create a tongue, cereal pieces are stuck in a way to present teeth, and eyes are made of marshmallows. You can add the eyes by cutting off small pieces of straws, or even tooth picks.



Oreo spiders

d) Oreo spiders

Grab two different sizes of Oreo chocolate biscuits, one for the head and the other for the body. Use pretzels to add legs, and you can either use whipped cream to shape the eyes or use marshmallows again. Super easy and delicious.



Fruit salad explosion

e) Fruit salad explosion

Both kids and adults will love this.

Use a watermelon to create a standing monster with an open mouth. Mix the chopped watermelon with the fruits of your choice, and bon appétit!



Halloween cups

f) Halloween cups

The easiest of them all. Simply grab orange cups and add eyes. You can colour paper cups with orange if ready ones are not available, and even draw the eyes with a marker if eyes are not available also. It can’t get any easier.



Outdoor decoration

16. Outdoor ghosts

We didn’t forget the decoration outside. Here is one easy and very simple one to make. Grab old blankets, or white nylon sheets, hang the middle part to a tree or even an outside pole, and mark some spooky silly faces to them. If you can’t hang them anywhere, simply let them lay over a stable stick on the ground.



We really hope you like and try these simple ideas. Share your Halloween decorations with Marhababy today and let us know what other creative DIY ideas you came up with.