Do you often feel like you are running through life at a high speed but not getting enough things accomplished? Welcome to being a mom. Being a mom comes with a hard day of work and struggles. Moms do not get time to themselves at all and that can make us lethargic, frustrated and lazy.

Here are some ways you can plan your day in a more productive way.


Give time to yourself (be an early riser):

You need to keep yourself first sometimes too. We know your baby is your first priority but you need to take out time for yourself in order to feel normal.

Get up 30 minutes before your baby wakes up and spend that time with yourself. Spend that time doing your favorite thing, whether it’s reading a book, working out or even having your coffee by yourself (sounds good right?). We know when the day is hard all you want to do is sleep in but if you wakeup with your kids and immediately get in to house chores, it will definitely make you exhausted. Some alone time is surely very good for you to go ahead with your day.


Get dressed everyday:

Being in your pajamas all day long sure feels great but it can also make you feel lazy and low. Try to shower, change, do your makeup and be ready every day. It will definitely make you more active and motivate you to be productive all day long. It’s a great way to feel happy and satisfied with yourself.


Sleep when your baby sleeps:

Lack of sleep can also bring your mood down and make you feel lazy. Try to sleep when your baby takes a nap. You can incorporate your sleep in at least one of your baby’s naps. A small catnap will make you feel refreshed and you will feel much better.


Start your day right (Positivity)

It’s really important to start your day with a positive mindset because it’s so easy for things to take a negative turn.

Read your to do list out loud or go on a morning walk to refresh your mind and have a more positive side of life.


We hope these points will help you stay more productive and in routine with your life. Live happy, eat healthy and love yourself. A happy mom means a happy baby.