My baby’s first birthday cake-smash!

So you’re little one is turning one soon? Confused as to what to do? I too was confused and took loads of advices and tips from other moms I knew. Everybody had lovely ideas and everyone gave me wonderful tips, from throwing a party for little ones and toddlers to dancing, music and fun. But I wanted something more special.

I wanted to record that precious moment and to also do something unique and not mainstream. A few days later I found a video on one of the social media websites about baby cake-smashes and at last, I had found a unique way to let my little Alina celebrate her birthday and capture those moments!

I dressed her in a pretty pink frock, got a lovely tiara for her, ordered a cake prior to her birthday, bought some baby pink decor (found many at home as well), made a few decorative items and finally set everything. I am lucky enough to have photographer friends who helped me capture some of the cutest moments on camera.

Alina was first dubious about her surroundings. She had never seen an entire cake sitting right in front of her, waiting for her to destroy it playfully with her tiny hands. We surely had to give her a taste of it to make her understand that it was food and she could get messy.

But after a few minutes, we couldn’t keep the yummy cake away from her. Her hands not just smashed the cake but she applied it all over her face and I was never so happy about a mess being made by my child. We captured Alina’s most playful side and her happiness wasn’t something she could content.

Here are some pictures from that day! Hope you enjoyed reading this! Good day to everybody!


This article is contributed by Maisha Naeem