Giving birth is one of the natural process that every woman encounters. It is a time of joy for any parent as they welcome a new member to their family. But pregnancy and delivery also brings with it a whole lot of anxiety and stress especially when you are giving birth in a foreign country. If you are a mom-to-be who is planning to give birth in UAE, a good understanding of the various birthing options available would help you a lot in making the right decision.

  • Traditional hospital birth: There are innumerable private and government run hospitals that provide traditional birthing facilities in the UAE. You can select one which is closer and convenient for you. Apart from delivery, these hospitals also provide prenatal and antenatal care. They also provide private birthing rooms as well as VIP suites. Apart from normal vaginal birth, all these hospitals have facilities for C-section and painless delivery.

  • Birthing center: The main advantage of birthing center is that since these facilities are exclusively for maternity purposes they are able to provide a better service. Would be mothers feel more safe and comfortable being in the company of similar people. Since these centers are set up exclusively for maternity cases, they provide lot of freedom when it comes to actual delivery like a private room that can be shared with partners, freedom of movement when you are in labour, encouragement and support to have a drug free birth etc. Moreover,  there is no need to have to go through the long drawn out check in and check out process as in normal hospitals.

  • Water birth: Al Ain Cromwell Women and Childrens Hospital  and Al Zahra Private Hospital are the only hospitals that provide water birth facilities in the UAE. Even though a water birth is estimated to reduce labour pain by about 70 percent, UAE hospitals are yet to embrace this latest development in child birth. In case of a water birth, the mother can give birth in large tub filled with warm water typically around 35 to 37 degree celsius to match the body temperature. Women can sit in any comfortable position while giving birth and the warm water surrounding the body relaxes their muscles thereby enabling a safe and stress free delivery.

  • Home birth: Home birth is legally not permissible in UAE as midwives are not allowed to work outside the hospital. Complications, if any, can be handled only by a trained midwife and hence the practice is discouraged in the country even though home birth was very common a few decades back.

Even though various birthing options are available, majority of the mothers in UAE prefer elective caesarian section in hospitals to overcome the pain and trauma of a vaginal birth. But always remember that there is no alternative to vaginal birth which still continues to be the safest and natural method of giving birth.