Just want to share my child birth story with you all as I had a health issue and it was really effecting my mindset of having a healthy baby.

My son Manvik was born in Dubai, in Latifa hospital in October 2007. It was a C-Section and as I am epileptic it was the only logical thing to do.

Everyone in my family and in my doctor’s team was under huge pressure that I might get fits due to pain or mental pressure and it will not be good for the child.

I was under strict observation and as soon as I started feeling pains, everyone was alerted. The doctor was on my side within minutes and they tried to induce the pains. Thinking that it might take long and will not be good for child’s health, a C-Section was performed and I got a baby boy after being in hospital for 24 hours.

It was easy according to nurses but I felt unbearable pain when they were trying to induce me. Staff and doctors were really helpful and I sailed through the birthing process without much complications.

Just wanted to share that sometimes we assume some things are not going to happen correctly and start blaming ourselves. I was under huge self-induced pressure for full nine months as there were chances of miscarriage and a child with cleft lip.

Things were beyond control and I was on medication for my full term. It was a huge relief to have a healthy baby after all the self-blame and tension.



This article is contributed by Rimpy Gupta