We’re having a little picnic by the lake when Chloe suddenly stands up and starts chasing a cat…

Me: “Chloe, careful please! Don’t go that way, it is forbidden.”

Chloe freezes, she turns around and looks at me with a quizzical gaze: “Who’s bidden?”.

I burst out laughing and it takes me a few moments to catch my breath before I say, “It’s not safe to go that way”.

There’s no moral to the story here. I just love how kids constantly remind us that there’s always another way to view the world, or another way to comprehend words…

Later that day, I recalled the above conversation and started thinking about my choice of words. I guess “forbidden” was too strong of a word to use in that situation.

Synonyms such as: prohibited, not allowed, not permitted and dangerous came to my mind. They all sound so serious, so scary… So I decided from now on if I absolutely have to set limits I’ll just say “it’s unsafe” because the concept of safety can be understood by a young child.

This being said, I do enjoy the occasional “lost in translation” moment with Chloe.

Her innocence can turn a serious conversation to a funny one in a second, and I’m left with a story worth sharing.


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Eiten Zeerban

Eiten Zeerban is an Egyptian Journalist with a serious passion for traveling and ice cream. In 2015 she began documenting her conversations with her daughter Chloe, she then started sharing them online under #ConversationsWithChloe.

Eiten is currently working on her debut children’s book – that is between answering Chloe’s curios questions of course.

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