Chloe: Mommy, why do grown-ups drink coffee?

Me: Because, hmmm…

Chloe: Wait, I know! I think because it makes you happy!

Me: That’s absolutely right, my dear 🙂

Hi, My name is Eiten and I enjoy having conversations with my curios 3-year-old daughter Chloe.

I’ve been documenting those conversations since 2015 and began sharing them online under #ConversationswithChloe or on Instagram @conversationswithchloe.

I’m so flattered that Marhababy asked me to share some of those anecdotes on their website, and as of today, I’ll be sharing one every Wednesday.

The above conversation took place a while back actually, but I chose to start this weekly column with it because it made me realize that children often simplify things and make much more sense than us adults.

Here I was struggling to find the perfect answer to why I like to drink coffee, and even though Chloe never tasted it she was able to tell that coffee makes me happy…

So simply put 🙂

Cheers to all the Moms who look forward to that morning cup of coffee that makes them happy!



Eiten Zeerban

Eiten Zeerban is an Egyptian Journalist with a serious passion for traveling and ice cream. In 2015 she began documenting her conversations with her daughter Chloe, she then started sharing them online under #ConversationsWithChloe.

Eiten is currently working on her debut children’s book – that is between answering Chloe’s curios questions of course.

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