Chloe: Mommy, why does Moana have dark skin?

Me: Everyone is born special in their own way Chloe; some people have dark skin, others have white skin, some people have blue eyes and others have brown eyes. Just like some are tall or short, long hair, short hair or no hair at all… 

Wouldn’t it be boring if we all looked the same?

Chloe: Yeah… You know Mommy, Moana and Elsa are different but beautiful. I like them both.

We’ve been obsessed with Moana, the film, and the soundtrack for a while now, and the fact that Chloe already started noticing that not everyone looks the same had me wondering about the bigger picture.

Encouraging our children to recognize their individuality while at the same time appreciating the difference in others is our responsibility as parents, sending the message: we might be different, but we are all equal.

It is up to us to shape how our children view the world while helping them express the way they feel about others and themselves. Only then will they feel special and value the beauty that lies in diversity.

I hope our children continue to see the beauty in the world, and most importantly the beauty within themselves.

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Eiten Zeerban

Eiten Zeerban is an Egyptian Journalist with a serious passion for traveling and ice cream. In 2015 she began documenting her conversations with her daughter Chloe, she then started sharing them online under #ConversationsWithChloe.

Eiten is currently working on her debut children’s book – that is between answering Chloe’s curios questions of course.

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