Drinking water all by itself flushes toxins from the body, but detox Water is a healthy hydration alternative that not only quenches thirst, tastes delicious, but also delivers a lot of health benefits. By adding few simple ingredients, it will make you eager to give it a shot. We ingest toxins from processed food and beverages which affects our health whereby is difficult to fight off infections, lose weight, move bowels, or digest food normally.

As a new mother, you now want to lose the pregnancy weight. Many people know that detox water helps greatly with weight loss as the ingredients will most probably do the job perfectly. For example: cucumbers release excess water; grapefruits and berries burn fat, cinnamon speeds up metabolism and helps regulate blood sugar, and Chia seeds help curb your appetite. It should be noted that moms should pair their detox water with exercise and a sensible diet. Try it now, and look slimmer!

Your baby is keeping you all night, don’t worry we have got you covered. Detox water boosts your energy as it keeps you well hydrated with natural flavours, minerals and vitamins all together. This will eventually prevent you of having false energy boosts like sodas and caffeine.

Feeling sickish after delivery? Detox water improves our immune system since you’ll be able to absorb nutrients better, including Vitamin C which helps fighting constant colds or flu. You can also include lemons and oranges in detox water. Adding herbs helps the lymphatic system work better which plays a big role in fighting diseases.

Are you feeling less confident about your skin during pregnancy, like I do? We have all been there. After having detox water for a while, you will notice a clearer and smoother skin day after day. Though it may cause itchiness or gets patchy before clearing up. Moreover, hair gets shinier, and feels softer to touch. Be BEAUTIFUL again, have your own detox water!

Still having heart burn problems? Make your own detox with alkaline or less acidic ingredients like mint and cucumber. It will not only relieve you but also provide you with many other advantages.

With all these benefits, some people might not find time to prepare their detox water daily. Good news is that it can be refrigerated for three days, as if you store it for a longer period, it can cause an upset stomach.

By consuming these drinks regularly, you will reverse the damage of toxins and add up nutritional vitamins and minerals. This can be consumed by diabetics, hypertensive and of course pregnant women without problems but in fact with great benefits.

NOTE: Having only detox water solely can be dangerous to your health.


This article is contributed by Dr. Ahlaam Awadh