Early Arthritis In Women In Early Twenties by Deepa Jaisingh


Joint pain, muscle pain, the feeling of discomfort are all eventually associated with bones. At an early stage, it is termed as Early Arthritis.

This can be the sweet pain initially, but over the years, this will steal away your sleep too. The time of relaxation will become the time of discomfort. During this period, you will feel so uncomfortable and uneasy that ultimately you will opt for pain relieving pills.

I was diagnosed with Dengue fever way back in 2010, when it was an epidemic in New Delhi, India.  The entire city was full of dengue mosquitoes and one of them decided to bit me.

I had a bad fever the whole night and next day at Apolo hospital while visiting a relative for their treatment, I had a blood test and yes Dengue was positive.

Well, Dengue ruins your knees they say.

I had full one-month bed rest and was getting weak. Mostly I survived on Juices and few medicines.

Having mentioned that, I resumed work soon with no after care, and after 3 years in 2013, again the knee pain became so persistent that I had to visit the orthopedics and he suggested more tests to figure out the issue.

This was the best part as generally doctors just hear about the situation and prescribe 30 medicines. Mostly pain killers. This one did a thorough check up including:-

  • Vitamin D deficiency test
  • X -Ray of knees
  • Asked about my illness history whereas I mentioned dengue
  • My weight as per BMI ( a little high )
  • My diet ( what type of rice I ate etc.)
  • My routine and exercise level
  • Sitting posture
  • Flat foot condition

All these points were considered and after the reports came, the doctor advised that this was a case of EARLY ARTHRITIS.

The bone marrow inside the knee decreases and it leads to rubbing of the knee joints and thus causes pain.

After correct diagnoses, the patients are supposed to follow these:-

  1. Use comfortable sole shoes and no heels.
  2. Use knee support with a hole over the knee called open patella.
  1. If you have a flat foot, then insoles are to be used inside shoes. I used flat foot slippers which I am using regularly. I bought Scholl Arch Support insoles for shoes too.
  2. Vitamin D supplement as per deficiency level.
  3. At least 30 minutes of morning sunshine everyday.
  4. Moderate exercise with no brisk walking.
  5. Eat more fibers and less fatty food
  6. Sitting position: Sit straight and do not bend knees inside the chair at all.
  7. To maintain bone marrow, which body makes regularly, we do not have to bend knees or lift
  8. Any heavy stuff or put pressure on our legs. Keep feet straight always, avoid even little bending

Ladies, if you have even slighter pain or discomfort in your knee joints, please take corrective measures in the very beginning. This is curable and you deserve to be cured.

Please share your troublesome experience of joint pain and how you coped with them?


This article is contributed by Deepa Jaisingh