Tips to Moms: How to stay energised during Ramadan

Ramadan can be challenging for Moms. Often they find themselves dealing with fatigue, and that is mostly due to feeling hungry. Fasting while taking care of the kids and the house can definitely have an impact on your energy level.

Here are some essential tips that can help you stay energised in the holy month.


Breathe deeply

1. Improve the way you breathe

Try to breathe deep and through your nose to inhale more oxygen. This will help your body cells in regaining energy and avoid feeling fatigue.


2. Sleep well

Lack of sleep can easily drain your energy and make you feel overwhelmingly tired. Sleep early, and if possible have a quick nap during the day.


Exercise during Ramadan

3. Include exercise in your Ramadan routine

Regular exercise will boost your energy instead of wearing you down. Chose a light sport after Iftar or Suhour like walking to recharge your body.


4. Eat consciously at Iftar, Suhour and in between

Eat mindfully and to what your body truly needs. Resist unnecessary temptations that can cause bloating and exhaustion.


5. Go for fibre-rich foods

Fibre-rich food will help you gain a lot of energy. Examples of foods high in fibre are brown rice, whole-grains, fresh fruit and raw vegetables.


Fruits and vegetables are essential during Ramadan

6. Remember your fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables work as ‘protective’ foods as they help your body fight off sickness and disease because they are rich in vitamins and minerals.


7. Choose water over caffeine

Water hydrates your body and keeps your mind fresh.
Increase your water intake and have a glass of water instead of another coffee.


Drive your attention off fasting

8. Divert your attention off hunger and fatigue

Pre-plan your time in Ramadan so you’re not focused on its challenges. Do a different activity every day and maybe involve the kids to pass more time.