Being a mother is the greatest blessing. At the beginning, the new moms to be really feel tensed and are afraid of the new baby mummy bonding. The concern of the care that a mom provides to her baby is on the top. Same was the scenario with me.

Early pregnancy after the marriage made me think about a million things. Being an engineer, I saw my career falling apart. But as the months of pregnancy passed, I became in love with the new feeling of motherhood.

I was confident enough that I will take care of my baby. As the due date was coming near, I heard different stories about delivery. A lot of scary ones and a few peaceful one. Meanwhile, my support system -that is my husband and my family- were also there. My husband advised me not to listen to or believe any story related to delivery that is going to bring my moral down. Stay motivated, remember God.

Yeah these were the key factors that made my delivery easy. Believing in yourself and God that good is about to happen. Becoming a mother is a miracle in itself. One life comes from another life. The experience, the feeling enables you to live your life again.

As the due date came closer, I was more and more confident.

I would like to advise the new moms not to be scared. It is a natural process that has been going on since day one. When my baby came into this world, I can’t describe the feeling I had in words. Holding his hand was the best feeling ever. At the beginning, I didn’t know how to care for him. But as the days passed, I was learning each and everything – step by step.

As Hadi got bigger day by day, I was more curious about how he will crawl, walk, and talk. Each day a new treat; a new thing. And believe me I fall in love again and again with my baby boy. When I became a parent, I truly knew the value of being a mother.

Motherhood not only created a stronger bond with my baby, but it strengthened my bond with my own mother as well. By being a mom I understood the value of a mother, the duties she performs, the love a mom has for her baby, in fact all the lovely experiences of being a mother.

The journey from being a young carefree girl to becoming a responsible young mommy changes the perspective of life.


This article is contributed by Fatima Sultan