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Meal and Snack Routine in place? Check.
Energetic and hungry toddler on hand? Check.

Then you are ready for some cool tips to make meal times even more special..

Read these fun and easy tips that will help you create a special meal time with your toddler.

Meal time Bebelac

01/ Let them be the boss

Toddlers love being part of the decision-making process. Let them choose what they want to eat and pick out healthy ingredients at the supermarket. At home, if you’re preparing food just for your child, try to offer them a choice between two healthy options.

02/They can be a mini chef

 No talent yet for stirring or licking off the spoon, or too young to help? Let your toddler watch you peel, chop and cook the food.

03/ Treat them like an individual

If they like green food on the yellow plate, let them have it! Appearance can make the difference between eating or not.

04/ More fun at mealtimes: looks matter

Use cookie cutters to cut bread into different shapes.

05/ Keep it interesting

Choose foods with interesting textures and shapes, and why not turn a simple potato into a cute little mouse?

06/ Add a smile to your child’s face

Make smiley faces using different food for different features.

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