You want the best for your kid. Whether it is her clothes, toys or food ,you are just not ready to compromise. But how many of you have given a detailed thought about employing a nanny for your toddler? Here is a small guide that helps you get the best when it comes to caregiver.

  • Identify your requirement: First you need to have a clear picture of your priorities before hiring a nanny. Do you want a full time or part time nanny for your kid? Are you planning to work or stay at home while employing her? How much can you spend? Are you planning to hire someone locally or prefer to bring someone from a different country? What other service do you require from a nanny apart from childcare? Weigh the pros and cons of each before reaching a final decision.

  • Communicate your requirement: Once you have decided on the type of service and person you would like to recruit, let your friends and family know about it. Hiring a nanny through reference is the best as you get to know the feedback of the previous employer. In addition to this you can advertise in local classifieds like Dubizzle, Dubai classified etc. There are also websites like and that provide exclusive maid recruitment service throughout the middle east.

  • Interview: If you are hiring locally, you can meet the nanny in person and interview him/her. If you are hiring someone from a different country you can ask your friends or relatives to do a background check of the person including meeting up with a previous employer and personally meeting the prospective caregiver. If none of these is possible, make sure to at least talk to the person over phone before taking a final decision. Apart from enquiring the personal details of the prospect you can also discuss with them your personal  details and requirements. If you have a child with special need, let them know beforehand. It is always advisable to hire a nanny who has experience dealing with a special needs kid.

  • Legal formalities: You need to have a clear understanding of UAE law regarding recruitment of caregivers from a foreign land. You need to comply with the minimum age and salary requirement apart from meeting all legal formalities and paying requisite fees. As per rule, caregivers can be recruited only from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Philippines, Indonesia and Bangladesh. Remember that hiring part-time nannies is illegal in UAE.

Even though you have gone through all the above formalities, hiring a nanny will be 100% successful only if he/she develops a special bond with your child. For that you should give them ample opportunities. Make the nanny play with the kid, feed him and take him out for a stroll. After all you have hired the nanny to be the primary caregiver for your child!!