How to deal with depression during and after pregnancy

The emotional and physical changes that any mom experience during and after her pregnancy can be uncontrollable sometimes.

As a first-time mommy, a woman doesn’t know how to handle the situation.

Let’s talk about the mood swings during the first trimester and the morning sickness accompanied by nausea – these issues combined can make things a bit more complicated.

The new-mom-to-be can take out the frustration by getting angry or crying, simply because she is unaware of the fact that hormones are ‘playing cards’ inside the pregnant body.

As time passes, she settles with the new changes. Second and third trimester goes smoothly if she goes with the flow. The last two trimesters can be somehow easier emotionally, as the mother can feel the touch of her baby, baby hiccups and kicks.

Few months after delivery, the postnatal depression comes in. To cope up with this, she needs to start a healthy diet and daily exercises routine.

You can start from light stretching exercises, and move to the hard ones after consulting your physician.

Daily exercise not only brings back the body to its original shape, but it also relaxes the mind and increases self-esteem. Proper hydration, i.e. sufficient intake of water, is necessary while you do the exercise. Water provides you with energy, makes you active and prevents muscles’ cramps.

Dear moms,

The overall conclusion of this article is to make you realize your self-worth and to care about yourself. The pregnancy blues should not make you feel low. Relax your mind, eat healthy and do exercises. You will not only feel better but you will perform better as a wife, a mom and as a good member of society.

Let’s make the world a better and a happier place by accepting the changes and dealing with them nicely.


This article is contributed by Fatima Sultan