Parenthood is all about duties and responsibilities that start from the time a baby is born. Selecting a baby name and shopping for baby essentials are part and parcel of parenthood. But one responsibility that is mandatory to all parents is to obtain a Birth Certificate for the baby.

A birth certificate is the first legal document for the baby. It is the permanent official record that a child exists. Whatever the origin or nationality of the baby, it is mandatory to obtain this certificate within 30 days of birth as all future documents (passport, visa) will be based on the birth certificate. In fact, a birth certificate provides a legal identity to the individual.

In Dubai, once the baby is born, the concerned hospital will issue a ‘notification of birth certificate’ in Arabic. This certificate should then be attested by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For obtaining the birth certificate the following documents are required

  • Original as well as copy of the parent’s passport along with their residence permits.

  • Copy of attested marriage certificate.

  • Discharge summary from the concerned hospital.

For an Arabic birth certificate, these documents need to be presented at the relevant counter at Dubai Hospital, Rashid Hospital or Latifa Hospital. If all documents are in order, they will immediately issue the birth certificate. You can also apply for a temporary health card for your baby which can be used for obtaining free immunization from Dubai Government Health Clinics.

For an English birth certificate, you need to visit the Preventive Medicine Department at Al Barsha Hospital. You need to get an application form from Birth Certificate office. A translator will type your application and you can get it attested at the Ministry of Health counter in the same hospital.  Once attested by Ministry of Health, the document needs to be taken to Ministry of Foreign Affairs for further attestation.

Always remember to finalise a name for the baby before obtaining a certificate as the baby’s name needs to be mentioned in the certificate.