How Life Changed After I Became a Mom by Maria deRosario


Life before baby for me was: shopping for hours, choosing things that I wanted (and had to have), taking my own sweet time while I shopped for groceries. I had the luxury of sleeping late on the weekend, waking up hungry and then ordering the unhealthiest food possible. There were days when the husband and I made plans (at 10 pm) to watch some “super cool” movie in a theatre and then there were those days when we fought for the remote control (romance or action movie! It was a big deal). It was extremely important to know all the latest songs on the radio, with lyrics and dance moves. If we needed a break, we just had to jump in the car and explore some exciting place. Life was all this and more. More space in bed, more time to shower, more time to eat, more time to sleep, more time to do everything and anything! I’m sure as a parent, you get it!

No matter what advice I received, however much I planned, nothing quite prepared me for life after baby. The night I brought our precious son home, was the first time I realised that life had changed, forever. I was clueless, unprepared, it didn’t matter that I had read books, attended baby classes or had the latest gadgets (they said would help soothe a baby). I certainly learnt then and right there that the next couple of weeks (and months) would be spent walking, rocking, singing, feeding, burping, cleaning and loving! loving! loving with all my heart, soul and mind to the tiny part of me that had quite suddenly hijacked my life.

To cut it short here are several instances that remind me everyday of how life has changed after baby.

1. Sleeping, well you know what happens to sleep. Apart from the fact that I can wake up at the ‘drop of a pin’, I no longer need an alarm clock and I can no longer sleep for hours either (even if I want to or have a chance to). I don’t have the luxury of my own ‘space’ in bed anymore because some days, I’m quite lucky if I have ANY space at all.

2. Showers that were mostly a quick five minutes and often abandoned because baby awoke do not always include conditioner and body wash. As my son has grown, showers have definitely improved but the crying has now been replaced with door banging and a reminder to “come out soon.”

3. The remote control, ha! It’s no longer ours to fight for and our son makes sure he wins all arguments (in his department). I cannot remember the last time I watched television and the only things I actually do enjoy these days are rhymes, cartoons and stories.

4. Shopping, well, shopping is never for me (quite frankly) because why buy something unnecessary when I can invest in something better for baby? It’s no more about wanting that latest phone, or beautiful clutch, that gorgeous pair of heels? Honestly, I cannot think of walking in heels anymore.

5. Remember the Billboard songs? I’ve lost track of who sings what because the one song on repeat is “The Wheels on the Bus” and many such songs that, yes, only you, a parent will understand the need to know.

I have certainly accepted all of this (and more) but while we often talk about how life has changed, I love the fact that my little son has invaded my space and quite certainly made my life revolve around him. How is that possible? Well, I’m sure you’ll know (and definitely agree with me) when you tuck your child to bed tonight. Those kisses, the little hugs, that precious moment watching them sleep.

Yes, becoming a Mom has definitely changed everything but it sure does not change the love in my heart! It’s something I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world and although I have my good, bad and ugly days, I think that Motherhood is the best gift I have ever been blessed with.

Thanks for taking the time to read Moms and I hope you share your happy and funny moments too.


This article is contributed by Maria deRosario