Story of a Magical Journey by Saba Saqlain

My name is Saba and I am a Dubai based mom. Being a mom is a wonderful part of life. You are surrounded by hugs, cuddles and kisses. Your connection with your baby is formed right after you conceive. It is a bond that is full of emotions and lots of love.

The feeling is heavenly; a little life is nurturing inside you. My youngest one is going to be 8 months old. He is the little angel in our lives.

Right after I conceived him, I was very nauseated for a couple of months. I was dehydrated because all of that vomiting. But it kept on getting better as pregnancy is a bumpy ride but still it was going well.

On 8 weeks’ ultrasound, I could see the baby’s body still small but clearly moving. You can only watch the baby moving  during ultrasound because he is so small to be felt against the abdominal wall. I felt first the movement when my 4 months was going to start; it was the feeling of a bubble bursting inside and sometimes like a butterfly strokes.

Time seemed like it was flying away, Braxton Hicks were becoming frequent and for longer intervals. On May 20, I had cramps almost like labor pain but they stopped after I had some rest. I had an appointment with the doctor for a routine checkup at 39 weeks. She checked and monitored the baby’s heart rate and I was curious to see any contractions but they were not felt. She checked me manually and told me that I was only 1.5 cm dilated. I came back home and started doing chores – she had said that mild cramping and spotting will be normal after a manual checkup.

After 3, 4 hours, the cramping was getting severe and I couldn’t control myself not to moan. I called her and told her my situation but she was not that much concerned. True enough because I was just 1.5 cm just hours before.

My gut feeling was getting stronger that I am going to deliver today. I asked my husband to leave for the hospital and on my way, I felt a really strong contraction. The doctor shifted me to the pre-labor room for a routine checkup. She told me that i am 4 cm dilated and yes I was so ready to give birth today. I lost my mucous plug and after that, my contractions started building up.

A point came where I was fainting and had a difficulty to breath. They started giving me Oxygen. The doctor was more worried because the head was engaged and the baby’s heart beat was also dropping with mine. With lots of support from the doctor and the nursing staff, I pushed and pushed real hard for 10 minutes and my little baby boy came out to greet his mother and family.

It was a proud moment for me as I was holding my bundle of joy in my arms. No feeling can replace the feeling of holding your newborn, smelling the scent of those soft locks and kissing small toes.

Birth is a miracle, a magic which the mother and baby share with each other. All sleepless nights, all pains, all difficulties are worth it. As soon as your baby is held in your arms, all pains seem to fly away, and what is left behind is pure happiness and a new hope to raise this small part of you..


This article is contributed by Saba Saqlain