Mom’s school year resolutions

Just like New Year, every new school year carries with it a sense of beginning to a new chapter.

All the preparation is almost done by now, your stress level is pacing down gradually, and your kids will all be off to their little duties in no time

Away from after school hours tension of home works and routine, it is that time of the year that allows you to hit the restart button for new resolutions, helping you becoming more determined in your life, and of course your family’s life.

Here are 6 resolutions that you can consider in this new school year for your own self and your beautiful family:


I will take care of myself

It is me, myself and I: concentrate on the inner you and simply do what makes you happy.

Leave aside that vacuum machine and go pamper yourself. Pay a visit to that spa centre that you’ve been delaying for so long. Go out and meet old and new friends. Take a walk on the beach or read a random book.


I will focus on my own priorities

Working on an old project, finding a new job or spending more time completing pending work. It is you who decide what priorities you want to focus on.

In other words, don’t let yourself be distracted by any matter that doesn’t carry a true meaning to you.


I will spend reasonable efforts and stress less

I will try and arrange everything neatly on time, but if I slack a bit, I will not overthink or worry about it. I will teach my children and encourage them to be more independent day after day, and not worry about the little things that they can do on their own.


I will trust that my kid is in safe hands

I will believe and trust that my little one is doing his/ her best to cop, adapt and learn. I will also fully trust that my child’s teacher is doing more than the best! As a mom who spends countless hours teaching her child how to hold the spoon properly, I should know how hard teaching is and appreciate it highly.


I will not get involved in unnecessary commitments

I will take one thing at a time, live more in the moment and I will not multi-task so much!

Getting involved, for example, in ‘Bake and sell’ at my kid’s school has never gave me any sense of satisfaction or allowed me to achieve any goal. I have enough of that without ‘purposely’ asking for it!


I will do something different every now and then

This is easier said than done, but doing something thing every now and then truly keeps your mind off the hook and somehow restores your energy.

It could be as simple as starting a new habit (like teaching my little one how to make a simple origami) or leaning how to build a mini tepee for your kid’s room.