No matter where we come from or where we live, all of us by the beginning of a new year pray and hope that the upcoming year would be a better one than the one that we just waved goodbye at.  Everyone in his/her own way make a list of resolutions, of things that we would like to fix or change for the new year. Whatever it may be, should it be being a better listener, spend less money, make diet etc., most of us by the end of finishing the list we clearly know well that for the 100th time we will ignore our list of resolutions completely.

However, being mums means that by the beginning of the year we don’t only think of our year ahead but of our kids as well, would it be if they start to walk, start school, excelling in their exams, or maybe even if they are finishing their studies and we hope that it will be a good year for them more than it would be for us, since they are our pride and joy.

Being mums, make us think of our kids first and foremost, where most of the time we may forget completely of ourselves because we are busy with kids, house or work and let ourselves down. However, this is one resolution we should all make as being mums, for this new year let’s all take a few minutes every day to take care of ourselves or do something that we enjoy, may it be reading, shopping, crafting, socializing or maybe even sit at the beach all alone. Whatever it may be that makes us feel good. Because those few minutes that we take for ourselves, gives us the energy to return to our family with even more love to give.

Let’s just hope that this new year brings most of all good things to our families, and even if it doesn’t go completely as we planned let’s not lose hope and still be strong for our loved ones.


This article is contributed by Graziella Kadim