How to protect my child from being yelled at by strangers by Fazila Brohi


My son is 3 years old and he is such a loving and caring child. As we all know, and as a mother of a toddler, it is in this age that many children are very stubborn sometimes, because it is now that they start becoming independent and want to do almost everything by themselves. It is also the age where they feel very energetic and want to explore everything around them.

As a mother, I feel really bad when someone tries to scold my child in an attempt to discipline him.

One day at a play-area, my child was playing with a toy when another child came and tried to snatch it away. My son turned defensive obviously and as an automatic reaction, he pushed the child away from the toy. The other kid started crying, and his father came by and started yelling at my son…

I ran in and tried to apologise for his behaviour, but ‘dad’ was still yelling at my child, stating nervously while addressing my son: “Don’t ever bother my son… don’t you dare touch him again”.

My son was terrified and, I, in return, was so confused as to how could I handle this situation. My son is only 3 years old, and such negative reactions, like this, can destroy him from the inside.

I am very worried that he will start disliking playing with other children, as he might develop a fear that someone, somewhere, might yell at him again.

As a loving, caring mother, this situation is very hard for me to face or deal with. I truly was about to cry when it happened. Unfortunately, this was not the first time that someone tried to discipline my kid in front of me. This incident has occurred several times and I have witnessed other people raising their voice over my son.


Can someone please tell me how to protect my son from such incidents, and how to handle people who deal with a toddler with such attitude?



This article is contributed by Fazila Brohi