Finding easy recipes and simple twists on baby food is always a great help to any young mom.

Below are two simple recipes that little eaters will love, and moms can apply with absolute ease!



We all make omelette at home but I have noticed that kids get bore with them after 2-3 times specially my 3 year old daughter. So I tried giving her one time with sugar instead of salt and she finished in one go! It’s just that u need to put eggs in a bowl and mix half spoon sugar for one egg. You can add two tea spoon of milk per egg to make it more tasty and easy to digest.


Baked vegetables:

In winter season, lots of fresh veggies are available and I make baked veggies for kids. Use a casserole dish and put diced potatoes, carrots, beans, cauliflowers and some paneer pieces. Try to involve kids along and tell them to keep the veggies in the dish. Just sprinkle little salt and oil over it. Bake for around 30 minutes and you have a full dish of fresh veggies. Just remember to put one veggie that kids love as I put paneer and my kiddos love it like anything.


These delicious recipes are contributed by Rimpy Gupta