Choosing your new baby’s name can be one of the most challenging, yet fun, decisions parents make. Some families consider the ‘aesthetic’ of the name, while others look at how easy it is pronounced. For some families, the name needs to be associated with the name of the grandparent or grandmothers, but others only want to pick a distinctive and never been used name.

With the cultural mix that we live in today, a lot of parents also consider the Arab Vs. non-Arab naming, and obviously the pronunciation. With all these aspects in place, how do YOU decide on your child’s name?

Here are some tips that can help you filter the right/ perfect options for your new bundle of joy.

1. Family first

Are you socially obliged to pick one of the old family’s names, like the grandfather or the old uncle? If so, are you happy with that name? If not, do you have the option of altering the name a bit so that everyone is happy?

For example: If grandpa Abdul Kareem wants his grandson to be called after his name, can you perhaps call your son Kareem instead? By doing so, everyone in the family gets what they want, and you have yourself a lovely name for your child.

2. Would your baby like it when he/ she is old?

Pick a name that can grow with your kid and works well with he/ she is in an old age. For example, as cute as Munchkin may sound as a name for your little baby girl, we strongly believe that she will not appreciate it when her name is called out loud during her graduating ceremony! Also, please don’t call your boy superman, it’s just not right…

3. How new and different is the name

Do you prefer an exceptional baby name? If so, then it is important that you pick a name that is not very much used (or perhaps known) in your family or within your friend’s circle. For example, if half of the family boys are called Ahmad, as nice as it sounds, you might want to consider a different one just to give your son some uniqueness.

4. Is it easily pronounced?

Aside from being unique and not frequently used, it is also important that you choose a name that most people can actually pronounce. It will really make your child’s life much, much easier. Take a look at this video to have a better idea what we mean!


5. Find out what it means

Most if not all names have a meaning, be it an object, an act or a description. Find out what the name means, and think about how you feel about it. Some names have a different meaning in different languages.

For example, the name Lama in Arabic means the girl with the rich dark lips, while in the Tibetan, it is the name given to the Mongolian Buddhist Monk. Interesting isn’t it…

6. Twins? Would be nice if their names rhyme!

Well, it is not a must, but if you are expecting twins, it will be really cool if you make their names rhyme! Twins’ parents are usually very creative, and it’s twice the fun and challenge when picking 2 names together. There are hundreds of websites that can suggest rhyming twin names. Check them out!

7. Listen to other suggestions

Family and friends would be THRILLED to help the parents-to-be find a nice name for their new baby. For some, it is important to seek acceptance by people around them, yet again, your choice – along with your partner’s – is the only one that matters in the end.

8. Pick a name that you both love

One of you may adore a name, but the other basically doesn’t. Talk to your partner calmly and find out what are his preferences. Search together online for meanings, download fun quizzes that evaluate your choices or even borrow library books that describe ancient names.

Turn this into a fun experience that you both enjoy ♥