How I Saved Lots Of Money By Doing These 7 Things by Deepa Jaisingh

Losing your mind over the disturbed budget? Don’t know what went wrong? Trying to save those extra Pennies, but can’t?

I assure if you try these points, you can save a few thousand in a year.

  1. Stay at home – Sounds crazy. Right? But most of my expense is minimized when I am not going outside much. I travel just once a week with my toddler.
  2. Coupons-I check for any coupons or free and discounted events. Generally, I Google the places and a lot of coupons show up. Just copy and paste and there you go. Example, Zomato, Groupon, etc.
  3. Nature Trail-Kids need to explore outside world too. Try beaches and parks rather than malls. You will end up having a wonderful time with your loved ones and again no impulsive buying. You will not see SALE signs, and you won’t be tempted. For me, park outings are regular, which is absolutely free. We head to the famous beaches occasionally when the weather allows. And a weekly or fortnightly outing to a new place sure cheers up my daughter’s senses.
  4. Recycle or Upcycle– The Artist inside me tells me not to throw away things, I give things a little thought and reuse or recycle most of my things. I made a new toy box for my little one’s toys using an old diaper box. My husband calls me a hoarder though. This teaches my kid to be a bit crafty too.
  5. List Your Groceries – Making a weekly or fortnightly list of grocery items has helped me save a lot. I know how much quantity of what item needs to be purchased. I look for special promotion in the stores too. No impulsive buying here. Tip: When going for grocery shopping, go After a meal. You will not buy extra.
  6. Thrift/ Pre-Loved Items -In the land of immigrants, where jobs are not stable and prices are exorbitant, buying pre-loved or Second hand and used items like electronics and furniture is a wise decision. There are great platforms for easy search and products are in mint condition too. eBay, Dubizzle, Facebook groups, OLX etc. are good examples.
  7. Home Made Food For Outings– This one is a life saver. I make and take my own food where ever possible so that I do not spend money unnecessarily on the outside food. Carry water and juices always, no excuses.

I know what my kid is eating. It’s a home cooked food, so shelf life is more. The child is not turning into a fast food junkie. Saving so much on every outing. Food is safe. Even we can eat the food from our Tiffin together as a picnic.


Bonus Tip for Kids:

Keep a piggy bank near your bed and save, this is a good habit and it will teach them how to save for bad times.


Let me know how much you have saved after trying these strategies.


This article is contributed by Deepa Jaisingh