Sex during pregnancy is a common concern among newly pregnant women. It could be a topic that you are shy to discuss or ask about, or you might have a fear of consequences.

The mixed feelings and concerns that any new mom has are completely normal, and understandable. You want to protect your new baby while still enjoying your time with your partner.

Finding out the right information about this matter, in particular, is extremely important to you, and we (moms of Marhababy) completely appreciate and recognise where you are coming from.

Well, here is the real-deal. Everything you need to know about sex during pregnancy is right here for you. Read along.


Sex in the first weeks of pregnancy

A large number of pregnant women have serious concerns about having sex in the first weeks of pregnancy. Many have a feeling that they will hurt the new embryo due to several reasons: it is still very small and not well developed, the adhesion with the uterine is not completed, the fetus might be affected with the movement and end up miscarried, I feel very guilty… etc.

These are all understandable, but unnecessary concerns. If your doctor HAS NOT advised you about any complications (which is the case most of the time), then reality is, sex is safe throughout pregnancy, even in the early weeks.

The amniotic fluid, the sac as well as the muscle layers of your uterus all work together to form a ‘cushion’ for your baby, and thus protect it from any trauma or physical activities.

However, there are certain medical cases where you will need to avoid sex, and your gynaecologist will advise you to do so if you have:

  1. Unexplained vaginal bleeding
  2. A history of miscarriage
  3. Unexplained abdominal pain
  4. Become pregnant with twins or more
  5. Cervical weakness

There might be other medical reasons that your gynaecologist will advise you about. Make sure that you speak with your doctor and get the proper check-ups.

If your doctor hasn’t told you about any pregnancy related problems during the early weeks, then the only factors you need to worry about are:

  1. Do you have nausea?
  2. Are you sleepy?
  3. Have you started disliking any fragrance that your husband uses?
  4. Are you hungry?
  5. Are you in the mood?


You can easily solve 1 to 4 or speak with your doctor for any persistent matters. As for number 5, and if your answer is YES, then go ahead and enjoy your time with your husband. Rest assure that there is nothing to worry about it. In any case, there is a simple solution to all first four – be it through your doctor or online.

Tips to enjoy sex in the first trimester

Talk to your husbands about any concerns or feelings you have. Remember that your husband might also be worried to hurt the baby, so speak openly with him and make sure that you are both on the same page. It is important that you explain to your husband that penetration can’t in no way hurt your baby.

Take it slow and have fun. Speak about all the details and make sure that you are both comfortable.



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Sex during the second trimester

Love is in the air during this period of your pregnancy. This is the best time for you and your partner to have sex during pregnancy. By now, you would have got rid of all the nausea, your body is more comfortable and rested, and your belly hasn’t grown much.

Overcome concerns during the second trimester

As mentioned above, sex is safe during the first trimester if you don’t have any medical issues – and it is also safe during the second one. The chances of miscarriage are way down by now. Your energy level is most probably high again, and you are flourishing and enthusiastic.

It’s worth mentioning that by week 20 to 22 weeks – i.e. the 5th month – your baby’s movement will start to be visible and felt by yourself and others. Your baby might move during sex, and that might make you or your husband feel uncomfortable, or even put off.

TALK to each other if the baby’s movement worries you. Be honest about it so that none of you misinterpret the other’s reaction.

Nonetheless, the baby’s movement or any other natural factor, unless there is a medical factor advised by your doctor, will NOT harm your baby during sex at this period of your pregnancy.

If you are in good health and there are no complications whatsoever, then sex is completely safe and enjoyable during the second trimester.

Sex in the third trimester

Well, let’s be honest here. Most women feel that they are quite huge in size in their last trimester, and that might affect their sexual desire.


Just like your first two trimesters, if you had a healthy pregnancy up until now, with no complications or issues advised by your doctor, then sex is definitely safe in your last trimester as well.


Overcoming major concerns over sex in the last trimester

Size and aptitude!

It’s your size and weight that would mostly affect your sex activity during this time. You will need to find the right position that is the most comfortable to you, and your husband, during this time.

You might be examining fatigue at this period of time, which is completely normal, so make sure that you speak with your husband about your needs and select the right time that you would be feeling up for the action.


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If you are experiencing swollen feet for example, it is advisable that you get your body to rest before attempting to make love with your husband, so that you don’t make yourself more tired.

Have a relaxed bath, a healthy meal, and drink lots of water and healthy fluids to keep your energy levels high.


Hormones and their annoying role

Hormones can play tricky games with your emotional and sexual desire, taking you on quite a distressful ride!

It is completely normal for every pregnant woman to go through mood swings throughout her pregnancy. You are carrying a new life inside your body, about to welcome it to the world, and you are responsible entirely for its well-being, along with the support of your partner.


It can be stressful and overwhelming, and when it comes to sex, honesty and clear explanation will be your best friend!

Speak with your husband freely about how you feel. Discuss your concerns over life and get that out of your way. Remember, what you are going through is very normal, and you are not alone.

Having a healthy sexual life during pregnancy will help you relief stress, feel good about yourself, and strengthen your relationship with your partner during this wonderful time of your life.