Look at those pictures from my son’s new born shoot right there. Doesn’t it ooze professionalism and a heavy chunk from your wallet?


As amazing as it looks, what if I tell you that this was achieved at home, using an iPhone 6 and me and my sister’s totally unprofessional photography skills?

Yup, that’s right.

I personally decided to do a shoot for my son, so I bought the costume before his arrival. And once he set foot on earth I realised that I didn’t have the experience to cover a photo shoot.

So, I started off with the Mother of all information, Google. There I learnt how important a bean bag was in this whole process. Lucky for me, my four-year-old daughter already had one (yahoo!).

Getting to the main part, how we achieved this picture?


You would need:

  1. an iPhone
  2. natural sunlight
  3. the torch from another iPhone (yes that was used as well)
  4. a table lamp
  5. basic photoshop skills (just the clone tool to be precise)
  6. bean bag
  7. white sheets
  8. two furry cushions
  9. two chairs
  10. a helpful human being
  11. a sleeping new-born (pay attention to the SLEEPING part)


Firstly, you should set up your work area, and for us that was a spot right in front of an open sunny window at home.

Placed our bean bag, with a white sheet on top, and rested the top of the sheets over the two chairs behind the bean bag to form a backdrop.

Place your fur cushions as you’d like (we placed on flat on the bean bag and one against the backdrop).


Time to do some baby-less test shots!

As I aimlessly pointed the table lamp and torch light at our imaginary baby, my sister got to snapping away. We laughed at out ridiculous attempt, till we looked at the shots.

And then it was time to bring in the sleeping dragon who we had already brought down to a diaper and a snail costume.

Now comes the tricky part, to place his gigantic, un-proportioned-to-his body head on his tiny arms.


Here is where you know why you’d need Photoshop. As you place their heavy head on their arms, you need to hold back their head, providing support to this human bobble head.


Pic with hand




And then we got back to clicking.


And we were ecstatic at the results!

Later all you must do is, use the clone tool on photoshop to delete your unwanted hand from the picture and Voila!


This article is contributed by Maryam Shifa