Taking care of the female in you

Kids can drive you to the edge of madness sometimes. You might feel that you are losing control over your entire life when just another tantrum begins. Taking care of children, chores, meals, social relationships and everything else in your life is truly an endless busy schedule.

In between all our responsibilities, we, moms, tend to forget what it feels like to be in peace. I strongly believe that there is a thin line between sanity and suppression of explosion when dealing with difficult children.

We may take good care of how we appear from the outside, but neglect our emotional and mental stability. You see, ‘dolling up’ your inner self is as important as using a concealer.

Training yourself to ‘accept’ and be calm from the inside is very important. Neglecting to do so may harm your inner-self, relationship with others, and even your enjoyment with the simplest things in life.

Here are few things to consider that can help you be calmer, and take care of the charming person you are on the inside when dealing with kids:


Lower your cleanliness and order standards

With a kid or more, the house will never be clean or fully neat. No matter how many times you rub those stains off the kitchen wall or your kid’s bedroom cupboard, there will always be something else to clean or put together. Solution: embrace and ignore.


Take longer showers

This can be easier said than done. But if possible, take some extra time while you are in the shower. Understandable, this could happen only on weekends when hubby is in the house to look after the little one(s). Make it a habit to enjoy just few more minutes under the hot water, every now and then. It really does make a big difference to how you feel, and it will give you a little boost of energy.


Learn to laugh

Like they say, if you can’t beat em, join em!

Kids simply love it when they see their mom dancing or singing a song with them. Get silly and loosen up. You will notice that the entire atmosphere around the house has become positive when you spend some fun/ funny time with your little ones.


Go out more often, with or without kids

Breaking the repetitive routine can do wonders to how you feel, especially when it gets hectic. Take the kids out somewhere where you don’t have to worry much about them (like Granma’s house), or simply get someone to watch your kids while you go out and enjoy some me-time. It works wonders every time!


Don’t be embarrassed by your child’s behaviour in public – they are not a reflection of your parenting ability

Your son ran away in the mall and you had to chase him< grab him while he shouts in rebill, and others are giving you looks. Guess what, they have, had, or been a child too! Chances are, others are simply sympathising with you and wishing they could help.


Work with the real, not the ideal

Not everything has to go perfect and according to a plan. Be realistic with your approach. Kids are kids, and no matter how many times you ask your toddler to pick up that toy, and even if your face turns blue, he/ she may have a different plan and simply ignore you to go about their own way. When you work with reality, everyone will be happy.


One day it will be funny

No matter how bad the situation you are going through with your kid, remember that one day you will get to tell that story and laugh about it. After all, kids will only be young once, so live in the ‘now’ and work on embracing things as they are.


Taking care of yourself should be your top priority

Don’t underestimate the power of talking to the right person, and don’t suffer in silence.

If you can’t get over post-partum depression for example, then seek professional help. By reaching out and finding a solution to what you are going through, you will improve your life, and that will reflect on your entire family.