Summer breaks are almost over and this means one thing: back to school supplies shopping.

Have you ever overpaid for your child’s school supplies?

Do you feel that there were some items that may have been unnecessary?

When it comes to pampering our kids, we, parents, are all guilty of buying excessive quantities of products sometimes. We feel that our kids deserve the best, and hence we may get them anything and everything they wish if when we can.

We want to give them the world, that’s for sure. But how often do you stop before the cash-counter and think: does my child really need this?

School supplies can be a perfect example of over-purchasing. You want your child to be excited about going back to school, and to get him/ her enthusiastic about it, you involve them in preparation and take them shopping for those items.

Here are few steps to consider for smart back to school shopping:


Make a list of your child’s basic school supply needs

Any school will probably provide you with a list of required items at the beginning of the year – start with that! If you don’t have a school list, you can ask other parents what exactly did their kids use at school the previous year.

Involve your kid when creating that list, as this will teach him/ her how to plan and be organised.

Remember that you need to only include the necessary and useful items as opposed to fund and trendy. This would be a good opportunity to teach your child a very important life lesson: To spend wisely!


Separate ‘wants’ from ‘needs’

When you take your kid shopping, he/ she, in any age, will pick the items that matters the most to them. It could be a specific brand that they feel loyal to, a cartoon character, certain colours or a trendy object that ‘everybody is getting one’.

You need to guide your child and remind him that you have a list to stick to.

A shining 30 CM pencil with colourful feathers at the end of it is definitely not a necessity, and it may cost you double the price of a regular full box of pencils!


Consider practicality, longevity and quality Vs. price

You would want to get your child his favourite superhero back-bag to make him happy, but is it going to be practical? Can the bag be carried easily or is it better to consider a wheelbase one?

You need to consider quality when purchasing any item while maintaining your budget. And thus, investing in practical brands versus lavish ones is very important. Sometimes you really can’t avoid paying a higher amount for a school water bottle, just to make sure that it will last longer in the heat, for example, and not spill the liquid.


Buy bulk of school basics

Aside from school uniforms that are mandatory for elder kids, you might want to consider buying many pencils, rubber erasers, paper, glue or notebooks for example at the beginning of school term. Those items are consumed throughout the year and you know that your kid will use them eventually, and they would never be outdated.

This will save your time in the future and help you avoid last minute shopping if they ever finished. And even if there were some left at the end of the year, you can still use them the next year or during summer time for other activities.


Look out for promotions or online offers

Most of local stores have a huge back to school sale campaigns every year. You can also find a lot of online offers that will help you grab good quality products with very competitive prices.

Finding the right offer or online store that provides the products you need may help you save a lot of many. You can even buy in bulk and save more for the future.

You can easily give your mobile number or subscribe with your email at any local shop, or website, and receive direct notifications when good deals are on.