Travelling with toddlers is something that any mother would think of as her worst nightmare. When you know that your toddler is stuck with a whole lot of routines and that he/she might find it difficult to follow while on a tour, it is quite natural for you to skip a vacation trip and prefer to stay at home. But at times, as a mother and as a wife, you need to be willing to alter your comfort zone for the other members of your family. Though this sounds a bit complicated, you can always make sure things go smoothly while taking into account certain factors that can save you during such trips.

When it comes to travelling with toddlers, parents at times find it very difficult to handle their energetic toddler and the extremely different mood swings he/she brings out during a trip. A careful planning well ahead of time ensures that the travel is not as hectic as  you think it would be.

  • Choose the right time for travel: The right time for travel should always match with your toddler’s sleeping hours. This will give you some amount of relief during travel. But this is only practical if the travel covers a short distance. For international travel spanning hours this might become difficult.

  • Book a seat which allows free movement: Whether you are traveling by road or by air, you will find it very difficult when you are travelling with a toddler who gets minimum entertainment during such trips. This can result in a whole lot of pandemonium that can at times disturb fellow passengers. While travelling in an airplane, booking an aisle seat would be the best option when you are with your toddler for a trip. This will give you the freedom to move easily. A window seat might restrict your movement a lot and cause a lot of irritation to the child. But if you are travelling by road or bus, then window seat would be the best as the child can look around and see the surroundings.

Things to pack

Packing a toddlers bag for travel requires lot of planning. It is always better to prepare a checklist beforehand and pack accordingly. The checklist should contain the following:

Toys: Keep new toys and books suitable for your toddler handy. Bring toys that are new or those which your toddler has never seen or played with before. This will help you to engage your toddler for quite a long time and divert his/her attention. Those toddlers who love books can be given new books which they have never seen before.

Toiletries:  When you are travelling with your toddler, the prime thing you need to consider is to store a good amount of toiletries that include diapers, tissue, wipes, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, mouth wash and soap. Your bag should also have antibiotic ointment, cough syrups, paracetamol syrup and oral rehydration mix, to face any emergency situation.

Food/Snacks: To calm your toddler, you will be in need of all his/her favorite snacks that can include cookies or candy that have low sugar content. If the child is grown enough to enjoy lollipops, then stock some of these as it will keep him/her engaged for quite sometime. But always keep a watch on the kid so that he does not accidentally choke on it.

Dress: Always remember to carry additional set of clothess, in case the one the toddler is wearing gets soiled. You should also take into consideration the climatic condition while packing clothe. While travelling by plane, remember to carry warm clothing as sometimes the temperature inside the aircraft can be very cold.

Planning a vacation and travelling with toddlers can be stressful and at times it can make you lose your temperament. You will have to face situations like delays in flight and similar problems while traveling. When you find your calculations fail right in front of you, chances are that you tend to lose your temperament. Such situations need to be handled with a calm and cool attitude.