UAE new mums: Seven sleeping tips
By Mother, Baby & Child Magazine


In our UAE new mum’s series Mother, Baby & Child gives advice on all areas of life with a new baby. Today we look at the best sleeping and relaxation tips.

Try this for instant mum-baby calm: rub lavender oil on the back of your neck, wrap baby in a blanket and sit in a rocking chair or if you don’t have one – try bouncing on the edge of a bed.

Need an instant soother? Run a bathroom tap. Low noises remind your baby of hearing your heartbeat in the utero, and can help to calm them down.

Newborns sleep an average of 14 to 16 hours a day – a few hours at a time. Although it can be difficult, try to nap when baby naps as much as possible.

Have trouble napping? Try different techniques. Experiment with earplugs, an eye mask, or a white noise machine. Ask your partner to take baby for a stroll to ease the stress.

Always place your baby on their back on a firm mattress, never on plush mattresses, waterbeds, sofa cushions or any other soft surfaces.

Sleep close to your baby, but not in the same bed – for safety reasons. Sleeping close to them regulates stress levels and immunity, and makes sleeping easier.

Try different sleeping arrangements. You’ll be hearing plenty of opinions, but there’s only one thumb rule to follow: “if your sleeping arrangement is keeping everybody up, change it.”


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