Do you often feel like you are running through life at a high speed but not getting enough things accomplished? Welcome to being a mom. Being a mom comes with a hard day of work and struggles. Moms do not get time to themselves at all and that can make us lethargic, frustrated and lazy. […]

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These kids are so funny, we love it. Watch it till the end to enjoy it even more.    

Haha, This is so cute. Watch this video of kids reacting mannequins in the mall. It is hilarious.  

This cutie loves to read books. He is the cutest and the saddest bookworm ever. Isn’t he so adorable?  

“Guide to Performing Balance Acts for Working Moms” by Rheema Menon

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Haha, These dads are so funny with their kids. Watch this funny compilation that will definitely make you laugh today!    

Don’t you just love desserts? Watch this video of Kids trying Desserts all around the world.  

My Second Mother

“My Second Mother” By Rheema R Menon

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