The arrival of a baby is a time of bliss for the entire family. The long wait is finally going to end! Your heart and hands yearn to cuddle your bundle of joy.

But first time parents are always apprehensive as to what all they need to have ready before the baby makes its presence in the world. “Should I buy this or should I not?”. This is a question which all new parents ask themselves. Here is a checklist or rather the perfect shopping list you can rely on before you embark on a shopping spree.

Baby clothing

Have no idea about baby clothing? In the initial days baby will require:

• Few pairs of body suits preferably with a side snap

• Socks

• Mittens

• Bonnet or hat

As far as possible try to use clothes made of 100% organic cotton as it is soft and harmless to the baby’s delicate skin. In addition to this bibs, burp rags to clean baby’s spit ups, a few blankets to carry the baby, washrag and towels can be bought and stocked beforehand.

Nappy change time


Disposable diapers of well known brands are the most hygienic and comfortable for the baby. Make sure to buy ‘new born’ size so that it fits them perfectly.

Some mothers are apprehensive about using disposable diapers as it might create a rash. In that case cloth diapers with nappy liners can be used. Other essentials during nappy change includes:

• Changing mat

• Changing bag

• Toiletries including wet wipes, tissue and nappy rash ointment

Using a changing table in the height of mother’s waist makes it comfortable to change the nappy without bending.

Baby feeding time

It is said that breastfed babies are smarter and healthier. Hence, try to breastfeed your baby as much as possible. The only investment that a mother has to make in this regards is:

• Good quality nursing bra

• Breast pads

• Nipple cream

But if due to medical or other reasons you are unable to breastfeed the baby,   then stock up on bottles and teats from reputable brands along with storage containers. A feeding pillow is not a must have; but it helps correct the posture while feeding.

Baby bath time

Bath time should be enjoyable rather than a routine for both baby and mother. Must haves during bath time include:

• Bath tub

• A sponge lounger or support for the baby to lie down

• Good quality toiletries including baby massage oil, tear free soap and shampoo

• Small soft towels or hooded towels to wrap the baby after bath

Baby sleep time

When it comes to baby’s sleep time furniture, there are innumerable options available like cots, bassinets and crib. You can pick up any of these depending on your budget and requirements. In addition to this your baby’s bedroom must have:

• A good quality breathable mattress that fits the cot/crib

• Couple of blankets and sheets

• Baby pillow

•  Night light

If required, a baby monitor can be installed to easily monitor baby’s activities when the parents are not around.

Baby travel time

Planning to travel with your little bundle of joy? Then you need to have either a

• Pram

• Sling

• Front pack

• Baby bag/holder

Depending on the age of the baby and ones requirements, any of the above products can be selected. Also make sure that while travelling in a car with a baby, the baby is seated in the baby car seat and not on adult’s seat or on a parents lap.

Whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, the primary requirements of all babies are the same. A little bit of planning well ahead of time ensures that parents are not stressed out at the last moment and they enjoy each and every moment with their bundle of joy.


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