Two years ago today, I was wandering through Mall Of The Emirates enjoying the National Day festivities that surrounded me.

I remember it well.

It was December 2nd 2013. The UAE was celebrating its 42 Spirit Of The Union. It was a stormy day and I was in a cosy mood wearing a creamy, slightly glittery jumper with wintery black leggings (so comfy).

My husband was working, so I was by myself enjoying a bit of relaxed retail therapy topped off with a marshmallow hot chocolate. After being in the mall for several hours (and having spent rather too much on clothes) I decided to head home.

But something was on my mind.

You see, I had a little sneaking suspicion that I perhaps wasn’t so alone on my shopping excursion after all.

This thought had been playing on my mind a lot, so heading back to the car I told myself that if I saw a pharmacy, I would pop in and buy what I’d been meaning to buy for a few days…but had so far been too scared to do.

Nearly at the exit, I felt sad but relieved that I hadn’t found one. But then I turned the final corner and there it was – a Boots lit up gleaming like a beacon fate.

So I popped in a bought it – a pregnancy test.

I barely noticed the car journey home. My tummy was in absolute knots!

By the time I got back to the apartment I had convinced myself that it was all in my head. Wishful thinking. I was being silly. And then I was cross that I had just wasted money on a test that didn’t need.

But sod it, I thought. At least I will know. At least when it’s negative I get to arrive safely back on earth from la-la land. And then at the very least I can get some dinner cooked!

Having never taken one before, I took the test out the packet and tried to decipher the logistics of how to wee on a stick. I was very concerned I might do it wrong and skew the results…if that is even possible?

I managed fine. Then unsure what to do with the stick, I placed it on the floor as I tidied myself up.

And then I froze.

In shocked disbelief I watched my life change before me as that magical little + sign slowly appeared on the window of that little stick.

I don’t know exactly how long I stayed frozen for. It seemed like a few minutes.

Snapping out of it suddenly, I remember feeling quite dizzy and not knowing quite what to do!

Upon recollection I think I wandered around in circles for a bit, smiling like an idiot. I stroked my tummy and said hello a few times. I tried to read a magazine, and then waited impatiently for my husband to get home.

The dinner did not get made.

Looking back, it’s really quite amazing how one day – one moment – can quite literally change your life forever!

December 2nd 2013. The UAE’s 42nd National Day. That was the day my life changed forever. And that is why the UAE’s National Day will always mean so much to me.

Having been pregnant, given birth and so far raised my baby in the UAE, I am reminded each and every day what an amazing place it is to live. To me, the UAE has truly opened my eyes and expanded my horizons, and I feel lucky that I was able to bring my baby into this world so he can share these experiences alongside me.

I don’t know how much longer we’ll be living in the UAE for, but no matter how old I am or where I am in the world, I will always remember December 2nd – UAE National Day – as the day that my dream came true.

Abbey x


Article by: Abbey Michelle

Boy mummy | Brit in Dubai | Freelance writer | Tea lover | The Son And The Moon


Abbey is a young(ish) British expat mother living in Dubai. Becoming a mother abroad, she has sometimes felt isolated being far away from her family, yet at the same time a completely new and exciting world has opened up for her. It is on her blog, The Son And The Moon, where Abbey shares her parenting experiences with the hope that others can read, relate and enjoy.

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