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What Moms Are Saying

Love the boxes! Lots of useful samples, handy reading material and even discount vouchers which go a long way especially as baby-related expenses can often hit the roof. And best of all, its FREE!

Nadia M.

As a first time mom I want to buy everything for my baby and what I need to know if you have a baby especially I don’t even have experience even though I heard a lot of advises from other moms, Marhababy did really a great job by giving me reading materials that teaching me about babies or the list I need to buy but also giving me samples and discounts of what I really need for my little one. Thank you so much Marhababy.

Cindy A.

Its very good. I like it so much. Marhababy is giving free boxes to mom and baby its amazing its nice. I will tell to all my friends about Marhababy. Thanks Marhababy!

Purvi S.

It’s amazing to have learnt about Marhababy and it’s even more exciting to receive alerts on your mail. I thank Marhababy for the free gift box which I received for my soon-to-be baby. Two thumbs up. Great page for a mother like me.

Zette P.

I received pregnancy edition….thanks Marhababy….

Jaseena S.
@Marhababy on instagram