20 quick and easy kid’s crafts ideas


Nurture your kids creative sense with these 20 quick and very easy arts and crafts ideas.

All the used items can definitely be found at any home, with no need to spend a fortune on expensive materials.

Kids of all ages will enjoy getting their hands messy with these little projects with mom or dad. Have fun!


Hand prints

1) Hand prints animal shapes

All you need is a white card paper or a paper plate with water-based colours, plus a marker to define the animals. Allow your child to get messy and use their hand-print and create different animal shapes. Your child will enjoy the stains, so get ready for a big bath after that!



Paper flowers

2) Paper flowers and plants

Bring together coloured papers, scissors, buttons or any small rounded pieces, popsicle sticks and glue. Your child can even cut out other shapes of plants and create a large landscape for wall decoration. Watch your child while using scissors for safety.




Turtle on plate

3) Turtle on plate

This cute craft is very easy to make. All you need is a paper plate, green coloured paper or colour the sides with green and some bubbly colours for the top shell. Your child can easily make this on his/ her own, and you can even make baby turtles to follow the big mama.




Fruit cut outs

4) Fruit cut outs

Another easy craft that your child can make on their own. Coloured papers can be cut into any shape of fruits or even vegetables. Use a marker to define the shape then cut to perfection. Add a smiley face to each and have fun. This can be another way of encouraging your child to try new fruits or vegetables!




Rocket ship

5) Rocket ship out of toilet paper carton

Boys will have a blast creating the little rockets. Don’t throw away the carton of toilet paper, wrap it up with coloured paper or simply add the colour to it, cut out a cone shape and stick it on the top, stick the mini base wings and voila.





6) Airplane out of water bottle

Another way to teach your child about recycle and reuse. Grab an empty water bottle, wrap it with white paper, mark the windows, cut out the wings and top fan and stick them on. Your little one will have so much fun flying it around the house. Easy peasy!




Animals paper bags

7) Animals out of paper bags

Don’t throw away your paper bags. Use them again and add cut outs of animal shapes on them. The trick is to use hard paper bags rather than plastic so the shapes are well defined. If the paper is hard enough, you can make the animals stand alone and have a big farm party.





8) Caterpillar on clothes-pin

Super easy and fun. Get some clothes-pins, mini cotton balls, plastic eyes or even draw on some dots. Your child can name the colours while sticking them on the pins, and can use those cute caterpillars as book dividers or even hangers.




Hot air balloon

9) Hot air balloon

Your child can fill his/ her room with those adorable flying balloons. All you need is a balloon, paper cup, colourful ropes for hanging. You can decorate the balloon with any colour or stick some paper pictures on top.






Ice cream cone

10) Ice cream cones

No child has ever said NO to ice cream. Get some coloured hard paper with brown base, a bit of glitter and glue. You can add mini cotton balls as toppings and have your child enjoy a delicious site of ice cream pack of all flavours.






11) Ladybird out of paper bowl

One of our favourite of all times! All you need is a paper bowl, red colour, black paper and plastic eyes or white marker. Your child can create the whole family of ladybirds if you manage to get big and small size of paper bowls. Enjoy the party!




Sponge boat

12) Sponge boat

A wonderful idea for bath time or outdoor activities. You simply need a sponge, scissors, sticks and cut outs for the sail. Help your child with cutting the sponges as it could be a little unsafe for them to manage the edges.





Stone minions

13) Stone minions

Have your kid go on a little scavenger hunt around the house for oval shaped stones. Bring Yellow, blue and black water colours and have fun drawing your favourite minion characters. This activity is so much fun and very easy to do for children.




Pasta necklace

14) Pasta necklace

Girls will mostly enjoy this little craft. You will need 2 things: pasta of any shape or colour (pick the ones with holes in them, like penne, cannelloni or macaroni), and threads. You can even mitch and match with different types and also colour the pasta with your own choice.




Button bowl

15) Button bowl

This one is for the elder little ones. You would need 3 basic components: a balloon, coloured buttons (any shape or size), and liquid glue. Blow up the balloon, stick the buttons toward the half side of the balloon until you have a bowl shape, and leave it to dry over-night. You then simply pop the balloon and have yourself a lovely colourful bowl. You can create different sizes of the bowl depending on how big you blow up the balloon!




Animal mask

16) Animal mask of paper

You can use hard paper or even paper plates. The shapes and designs you can create are endless. Have a wooden stick or a juice straw stuck on the side so your children can hold them up easily and play. A group of animal shapes can also be nice for wall decoration.




Wall clock

17) Wall clock using popsicle sticks

This is a great way to teach your kid about numbers and timing. All you need is a rounded card board (or even a paper plate), coloured popsicles sticks, cut outs of numbers and glue. The pointers in the middle can also be made of popsicles sticks.




Playdough snail

18) Playdough snail

Kids of all ages LOVE playdough. Create easy objects like a snail and let your child experiment with different playdough colours.





Native crown

19) Native crown with feathers

Very simple to create. All you need is hard card paper (or a cut out of carton box), some feathers, glue and colours.





Wire hangers

20) Wire hangers wall art

This is a wonderful wall decoration for the different festive seasons. Grab some old wire hangers and coloured papers, and simply roll them over and allow some shapes to dangle down the wire to have a lovely shape.